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David Brooks

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I am very happy to write this review for Vivian's team. I had them come to my place bi-weekly for over 3 months and they did a excelent job every time. They are gay-friendly, trustworthy, professional and most importantly provide excellent services! They mostly work in the city but they used to come to Redwood City for me. The quality of their work is superb and attention to detail is something I appreciated the most.

I've been using Vivian's team for cleaning my condo for over a month now and can highly recommend. They do a superb job of cleaning, getting even the little out of the way spots clean. They are very polite, courteous and gay-friendly. My condo is always thoroughly clean afterwards and I'm very pleased with the job they do.

Caio Neto

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My partner and I just started using Vivian's business for weekly cleaning. So far they have been professional ,responsible and the bestof all they are gay-friendly. They did a great job cleaning our small apartment, and were even understanding about my dog. Would recommend to a friend.

Randy Forbes

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They are professional,gay-friendly, punctual and very thorough. They got my place spotless and I got things clean I never thought possible. A very good job in the kitchen and bathroom. Affordable. Just a top notch experience.

Lee Young

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I've tried many cleaning services and Vivian was the best so far. She was better than I expected and gay-friendly. As soon as she walked in, she didn't need any instruction. She just immediately got to work. Within a few hours, my entire place was clean.

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